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About SoccerMeter – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SoccerMeter – Because possession matters.

What does SoccerMeter do?

SoccerMeter and SoccerMeter Lite let you to keep track of the ball possession performance of your favorite soccer team compared to the opponent using your Apple device. By simply pressing the corresponding First Touch button every time a different player takes their first touch on the ball, SoccerMeter lets you generate complete team possession and passing statistics just like you see in TV for top professional and international Soccer games. These team statistics include:

  • Pass Completion Percentage
  • Time of Possession
  • Time of Possession Percentage
  • First Touches
  • Number and Duration of Strings of Consecutive Completed Passes
  • Shots and Goals

SoccerMeter and SoccerMeter Lite both have a customizable built in game clock and SoccerMeter keeps the game statistics by half.

The Scoring Summary page of SoccerMeter keeps track of the goal times (and optionally the scorers) and how many consecutive successful passes were completed during the buildup immediately prior to each goal.

Who is SoccerMeter for?

SoccerMeter and SoccerMeter Lite make quantitative possession statistics available to all levels of soccer development. Because team coaches should be concentrating on managing their team during a game, SoccerMeter should be operated by interested fans or team statisticians. SoccerMeter data is then E-mailed to coaches for their use as a measure of team progress.

What does SoccerMeter do different from other soccer apps?

(1) Only Soccer Meter tracks time of possession, touches, passes, and pass strings. Other apps track goals, shots, yellow cards, players, schedules, etc., but they DO NOT keep track of the overall possession and passing performance of teams in games.
(2) SoccerMeter's simple data entry design lets you actually watch all the game action on the field while entering data, instead of having to miss the fun action while looking down at your mobile device. All you do is tap one thumb down on a large First Touch button for your team, or tap your other thumb down to record a First Touch for the other team. The SoccerMeter app does the rest.

What are differences between SoccerMeter Lite and SoccerMeter?

SoccerMeter and SoccerMeter Lite both allow you to track the most important possession and scoring game statistics including Goals, Shots, First Touches, Pass Completion %, Time of Possession, Time of Possession %, and Pass Strings. Below is the list of things you CAN do with SoccerMeter that you CANNOT do with SoccerMeter Lite:

  • Save and E-mail game data from multiple games.
  • View the game data broken down by half.
  • View and edit the game Scoring Summary that includes:
    • Game time that goal was scored (recorded automatically).
    • Number of passes in the buildup to each goal (recorded automatically).
    • Names/jersey numbers of goal scorers (optional – entered by user at time of goal).
  • Setup/customize First Touch button press audio confirmation sounds.
  • Track of view maximum and average length of each team's Pass Strings.

Why doesn't SoccerMeter track goalkeeper saves?

SoccerMeter for iPad and SoccerMeter Pro offer additional buttons needed for tracking useful goalkeeper statistics.
As a practical matter, there is simply not enough room on the iPhone® screen for additional buttons without making it too difficult to hit the First Touch buttons consistently with thumbs while watching the game.

What is the Inactivity Timeout setting for?

Often when a ball is kicked a long ways out of bounds or when there is an injury or substitution, the referee's clock stays running while there is really no possession or other soccer action taking place on the field. The Inactivity Timeout is meant to prevent excessive Time of Possession from being credited to team when the ball is merely out of play for prolonged time periods. So if your Inactivity Timeout setting is 10 seconds, the most Time of Possession that can get added to a team's total between two consecutive First Touch button presses is 10 seconds. If more than 10 seconds elapses between consecutive First Touch button presses, the Time of Possession for the team in possession stops increasing. This improves the integrity of Time of Possession data to better reflect the quality of team play while soccer is actually being played.

Note that for Apple devices running version 2.03 or higher, you can manually stop the Time of Possession from increasing at any time by keeping your thumb pressed down on the First Touch button when you hit it, instead of just tapping the First Touch button.

What are all the different sound selections for?

The Sounds Setup page lets you setup different sounds that your iPhone or iPod Touch plays when each team's First Touch button is pressed. The sound you select (or record yourself) should nominally correspond to the jersey color or name of the team making the first touch. This provides audio confirmation that you hit the correct First Touch button – without you having to take your eyes off of the game – in order to promote maximum accuracy of the statistics you are collecting for your team. Use of earphones is recommended for maximum effectiveness of SoccerMeter sound features.

What is the Game Type setting for?

The Game Type setting helps coaches better catalog and compare team performances.

What are 'Pass Strings' and how are they calculated?

The Pass Strings are a count of how many times a team strings together a longer possession of consecutive passes during a game. The definition of 'longer possession' is set by you (the user) in the Setup screen as the 'Pass string is N or more consecutive passes.' The default setting for N when you first install SoccerMeter on your device is 3. Many SoccerMeter users choose to change N to a different number than 3 (by tapping into the editable text box, erasing the 3 and entering a different number).

For the case when N is 3: When a team logs its 3rd consecutive Pass Completion (accomplished by 4 consecutive First Touch button presses for the team), the Pass String count for that team increments by one.

In the Game Summary screen, the Average Pass String Length (or Avg. String on iPhone) statistic tracks the average number of passes for all the Pass Strings recorded for a team during a game. Teams that are better at controlling possession by successfully stringing together a lot of consecutive passes will have more Pass Strings and larger Average Pass String Length. Team possessions that do not reach N (= 3 initially) passes are not included in the Average String calculation.

How do I export SoccerMeter game data to spreadsheet programs like Excel?

E-mail the data to your computer. Open the E-mail. On most computers / E-mail programs you can "select all" and "copy" the data right out of the displayed E-mail, and then "paste" it into Excel or most other spreadsheet programs.

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