Please send your SoccerMeter app support requests, bug/crash reports, comments, and change requests/suggestions via E-mail to:

Corrections and suggestions for the website will also be accepted at this E-mail address. Additional questions, answers, and other useful information about SoccerMeter can be found on the FAQ page of this site and also on the SoccerMeter Facebook page.

All versions of SoccerMeter for Apple devices are iOS 9 compatible!

This includes SoccerMeter Pro as long as you update to the newest version 2.06. Please make sure that you have updated to the latest version in order for SoccerMeter Pro to work properly on your iOS 9 device.

Please send in whatever problems you find (with all versions of SoccerMeter) to

Latest update for SoccerMeter (iPhone and iPod Touch) is Version 2.03.

Latest update for SoccerMeter for iPad Version is 2.03.

Latest update for SoccerMeter Pro (for iPad) is Version 2.06.

Latest update for SoccerMeter Lite is 0.90.

Known Issues for iPhone, iPad and Pod Touch

  • Once the Half button has been changed to 2nd (i.e., after halftime) you can no longer edit the team names.
  • The Game Type must be set before or during the 1st Half (i.e., when Half Button is set to 1st) in order for Game Type to appear correctly in saved and E-mailed game data tables. If you change the Game Type after halftime these changes will not appear in saved and E-mailed game data tables.

If your SoccerMeter sounds are not working on your Apple device, please try the following steps:

  • Please make sure you have selected a non-custom sound for both teams (i.e. not the 'OFF' or 'CUSTOM' sound selections) in the Sounds Setup screen.
  • Please make sure that the ringer/sound SWITCH on you iPad is ON (i.e., NOT ON SILENT) and the ringer/sound volume turned up ALL THE WAY.
  • Please verify that your earbuds work (using iTunes).

As silly as it might seem, following the above verification steps have solved ALL reported cases of sounds not working in SoccerMeter on Apple devices to date. Most of the time the problem has been the sound/ringer switch inadvertantly switched or bumped to the wrong position or the volume too low.

If you are unable to E-mail your game data from your Apple device (iPod, iPhone, or iPad): SoccerMeter quite simply calls Apple's standard Mail program interface that is built-in to iOS to send game data. Thus if your Apple device's Mail settings are not properly configured, SoccerMeter will be unable to E-mail stats data. So before contacting, please first verify that you can send E-mail DIRECTLY from your iPad using Apple's built-in Mail program that came with your Apple device.

For SoccerMeter to send Tweets from your Apple device, the Twitter app must be installed and properly configured for you to send Tweets. Your Twitter app and settings are used to actually send the game update messages, so you do not need to enter your Twitter user information from within the SoccerMeter app (other than turning the Tweet setting on or off).

Latest version for Android is 1.09

Latest version for Android Tablet is 1.12

Known Issues for Android

  • To prevent software piracy each copy of SoccerMeter for AndroidTM is licensed to the particular AndroidTM device it is installed to when purchased at Google PlayTM. Per standard Google AndroidTM app licensing, SoccerMeter verifies valid Google PlayTM purchase for your device via internet connection at launch. So it is recommended that you open and run the SoccerMeter for Android app for the first time while your device is still connected to the internet (Wi-Fi or cell network) after downloading it from the Google PlayTM store. After running for the first time with your device connected to the internet, the SoccerMeter license for your device will remain valid for a few games/days even when you are at the field with your device completely disconnected to the internet. Even if your license runs out while you are the field, you can still collect and save data for as many games as you wish, but viewing and E-mailing the data may be temporarily disabled until such time as SoccerMeter is run with working internet connection.
  • Recent changes to Google Play licensing can cause older version of SoccerMeter for Android and SoccerMeter or Android Tablet to crash on app launch. This issue is fixed in SoccerMeter for Android Tablet Version 1.12 and SoccerMeter for Android Version 1.09. Please update to these most recent versions.
  • A couple of Gmail users have reported a 'Permission Denied for Attachment' error when attempting to E-mail game data from their Android devices. This issue is fixed in SoccerMeter for Android Tablet Version 1.12 and SoccerMeter for Android Version 1.09. Please update to these most recent versions.
  • The release of Android OS Version 5 and higher has changed the appearance and size of many standard user interface items, such as buttons and text fields. Despite the appearance changes, the app should nevertheless function correctly. Please E-mail if you discover any SoccerMeter features that have stopped working after an Android OS Version 5 or higher system upgrade on your device.
  • Some Android users have been reporting difficulty E-mailing their game data. The E-mail problem can happen when your Android device's "external storage" cache fills up. That is where SoccerMeter must write the attachment file so that all the different E-mail programs in the Android universe can access for sending. Other apps use this universal external storage too. Browser apps, You Tube, Facebook, etc. can really gobble up this storage. Please try rebooting your device (shut it down and restart from powered off) as this often frees up some of this memory. Any apps that let you clear their "cache" could also free up the needed space.

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