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Possession, passing, shooting, and scoring game statistics for soccer games at any level on your Android mobile device.

Stop the boot ball. Help your team play intelligent soccer.

SoccerMeter lets you track the passing and ball possession performance of your favorite soccer team at any level using your Android phone or tablet device. Simply register player First Touch on the ball using your left thumb for one team and your right thumb for the other team. You do not have to take your eyes off of the action on the field to generate complete team possession and passing statistics just like you see on television for top professional soccer games. These team statistics include:

  • Pass Completion Percentage
  • Time of Possession and Time of Possession Percentage
  • Number of First Touches and Number of Completed Passes
  • Number and Duration of "Strings" of Consecutive Completed Passes by a Team
  • Number of Shots and Goals
  • Scoring Summary including Time of Goal, Scorer, and Passes in build-up to each goal.

If you want to track team lineups, substitutions, and formations, then go get one of those other soccer statistics apps. This app is intended for team assistants and dedicated fans who are serious about collecting useful possession/passing statistics while watching their favorite team. Coaches can then use your E-mailed possession statistics to evaluate team progress.

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