Pro Basic Instructions

SoccerMeter Pro Basic Instructions

(Version 2.04 © 2014 SoccerMeter LLC)

Possession, passing, shooting, and scoring game statistics for soccer games at any level.

NOTE: These instructions are intended for users who are entirely new to SoccerMeter – those that have not previously used SoccerMeter for iPad.

If you are already experienced with using SoccerMeter for iPad, you should click here to go straight to the SoccerMeter Pro Enhanced Feature Guide that introduces you to all the advanced features of SoccerMeter Pro that are not found in SoccerMeter for iPad.

The instructions given below describe the basic operation of the SoccerMeter app with almost all of the advanced Pro features turned off.

At this time SoccerMeter Pro is only available in the English language.

Main SoccerMeter Pro Statistics Entry Screen

Start by entering team names into the text fields at the top and then press the Start/Stop button to start the game clock running when the referee blows the opening whistle. The Start/Stop button can also be used to pause the clock and re-start the clock (for leagues that actually stop the game clock for injuries, cards, timeouts, etc.)

Press a large First Touch button whenever a player from that team gets their first touch on the ball. The First Touch button should not be pressed again until a different player gets a first touch, or possession is otherwise turned over to the other team (out of bounds, foul, etc.). Consecutive First Touch button presses for the same team add to that team's Pass Count and improve their Pass Comp %. SoccerMeter also automatically keeps track of each team's Time of Possession (both time and percentage). Pass Strings indicate how well a team maintains possession by stringing longer series of passes together. If a button is mistakenly pressed, the error can be quickly corrected using the nearby or overlapping minus (-) button. If you want to temporarily suspend the accumulation of a team's Time of Possession while the ball is not actually in play, keep your thumb pressing down on the First Touch button; when the ball is put back into play lift up your thumb and the Time of Possession will resume accumulating.

The large First Touch buttons enable easy thumb tap entries without having to look away from the action on the soccer field. Using the Setup page, different audio sounds can be assigned to each team to confirm button presses. SoccerMeter users can also record their own CUSTOM sounds to play for each team.

The Shot On, Shot Miss, Corner, Foul, and Goal buttons respectively track those important statistics. These and additional statistics that are calculated and saved for the Game Summary are more fully detailed in the Game Summary instructions section below. When a Goal is scored the name/number of the scorer (and assister) can be recorded (if desired) for inclusion in the Game Summary.

Use the Half buttons for separately tracking and recording 1st and 2nd half statistics. Pressing the Set/Reset button initiates a sub-menu that allows the user to choose:

  • New Game – Clears all statistics and initializes the game clock in preparation for starting a new game.
  • Change Clock – Directly enter the time the game clock should be set to in minutes and seconds.
  • Overtime – Set up the game clock and statistics collection for and extra time / overtime periods.

The Switch Sides button interchanges which side of the iPad screen each team appears on.

The Save button allows the user to save the Game Summary data to the Saved Games archive on their iPad. The E-mail button allows the user to E-mail the Game Summary data to coaches and fans.

Game Summary

In SoccerMeter the game scoring summary and statistics by each half and total are presented together on the Game Summary page.

SoccerMeter Pro Game Summary Screen

Below each team name and score, the time and scorer of each goal is listed. This scoring summary listing can be manually edited by the user by tapping on the text.

Below is the list and descriptions of statistics that are calculated and displayed for each team by half and game total:

  • Goals – Registered when the Goal button is pressed.
  • Shots On Goal – Shots on target (registered by pressing the Shot On or Goal buttons) with decent velocity that the keeper actually makes a save or a goal is scored.
  • Missed Shot Attempts – All poor shot attempts (registered by pressing the Shot Miss button), including whiffs, duffs, slow rollers that the keeper easily picks up, and off target shanks.
  • % Shot Attempts on Goal – The percentage of all shot attempts that were on target.
  • % Shot Attempts Scored – The percentage of all shot attempts that ended up as goals.
  • First Touches – The number of first touches registered by the First Touch button.
  • Time of Possession – Accumulated team possession time in minutes and seconds.
  • Time of Possession % – Percentage of time a team is in possession of the ball.
  • Pass Count – Number of completed teammate-to-teammate passes.
  • Pass Completion % – Percentage of player possessions that end in successful completed pass or shot on goal.
  • Pass Strings – Number of "Strings" of multiple consecutive passes by a team.
  • Average Pass String Length – Average number of consecutive passes in a team's Pass String.
  • Longest Pass String – The longest string of consecutive passes by a team.
  • Corners – Number of corner kicks registered by pressing the Corners button.
  • Fouls Committed – Registered by pressing the Fouls button.
  • Yellow and Red Cards Issued – Registered by pressing the yellow and red card icons.
  • Goalkeeper Saves – Saves made by the team's goalkeeper (corresponds to the opposite team's Shots On Goal count).
  • Goalkeeper Save % – Percentage of all Shots On Goal saved by this team's goalkeeper.

The E-mail button on this page facilitates easy transmission of SoccerMeter game summaries to team coaches, and fans, and the database. You can Save games to the Saved Games archive for later viewing and E-mailing.

The Player Stats button opens a table of the individual Player Game Statistics for all players on the team.

The Game Log button opens a chronological record of the game action that is automatically recorded by SoccerMeter Pro.


The Setup page enables custom set-up of important game tracking features.

SoccerMeter Pro Setup Screen

The upper left screen region allows the user to setup game clock behavior, including half duration, should the clock count up or down, and should the clock stop running when a goal is scored or a card is issued. The Inactivity Timeout setting (in seconds) is the maximum Time of Possession that can be credited to a team between First Touch button presses so that a team does not receive undue Time of Possession (both time and percentage) credit when the ball is out of play for a long time period with the clock running. You can also set the minimum number of consecutive passes that are required before the SoccerMeter credits a team with establishing a Pass String.

The Game Type dials on the upper right let you tag the level of the game you are tracking for compilation into the database that is posted online at This database lets you view the compiled average possession statistics sorted by various levels of play submitted by all users of SoccerMeter. When the Game Field picker wheel is set to Futsal, the Fouls count displayed will be set back to zero at halftime to enable easier tracking of the accumulated fouls Futsal rule during the second half.

The Default E-mail List on the lower right lets you manage a list of addresses as your default send list when E-mailing SoccerMeter game data.

The Sounds Setup on the lower left lets you setup different sounds that your iPad plays when each team's First Touch button is pressed. The sound you select (or record yourself) using the picker wheel should nominally correspond to the jersey color or name of the team. This provides audio confirmation that you hit the correct First Touch button – without you having to take your eyes off of the game – in order to promote maximum accuracy of the statistics you are collecting for your team. Use of earphones is recommended for maximum effectiveness of Soccer Meter sound features. The Play buttons play the sounds you have selected for each team in the picker wheel. The Record CUSTOM button lets you record one-second duration sounds (such as you speaking the team's actual name) to be played when a team's First Touch button is pressed. As soon as your finger lifts up from the Record CUSTOM button your iPad microphone is recording for a one-second period. After recording you must select CUSTOM in the sound picker wheel in order for your recorded CUSTOM sound to play on every First Touch button press.

The Upper Custom Button and Lower Custom Button text fields allow you to customize two statistics buttons on the main SoccerMeter Pro data entry screen. If you want to recored the player involved whenever you press one of these Custom Buttons during a game, turn on the Track Player switch directly underneath the custom button name that you entered in the Setup screen. See the SoccerMeter Pro Enhanced Feature Guide for more information.

Messaging Setup

SoccerMeter iPad Message Setup Screen

Here you can setup to message instant score updates to devoted fans who can't be at the field. Score updates are sent at the end of the half and on each goal. The message content will popup for you to edit and send, or cancel sending as you see fit. You can Text Message OR Tweet, but not both at the same time. Please note that your device must be connected to cell or Wi-Fi network for this messaging feature to work. For Text Messaging to work, all recipients (phone numbers) in the list must be correct, and the number of message recipients in the list cannot exceed the maximum messaging limit set by your digital network service provider. For SoccerMeter to send Tweets, the Twitter app must be installed and properly configured for you to send Tweets. You only have to turn the Tweet feature on in SoccerMeter – the Twitter app handles the rest (including your Twitter account settings). In SoccerMeter Pro the Messaging Setup screen is accessed from the top right navigation button of the Player Rosters setup screen.

Saved Games

The Saved Games screen shows you the list of games that are saved on your device.

SoccerMeter Pro File Load Screen

Simply tap on an entry in the right list table and press the Select button to view or E-mail the Game Summary data from that game, or tap the Edit button if you want to delete a game from the list.

The left table lists all the Seasons directories on your iPad, with the presently chosen Season directory highlighted (Fall 2013 in this example). See the SoccerMeter Pro Enhanced Feature Guide for more information about using Seasons.

See various Info touch buttons throughout the SoccerMeter Pro app for further assistance.

After you understand and have mastered the basic SoccerMeter functionality covered in the above basic instructions, you are now ready to read the SoccerMeter Pro Enhanced Feature Guide (by clicking here) and start using more advanced features of SoccerMeter Pro.

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